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Conveyor Belt Pads

Reinforced Conveyor Belt can be converted into many parts to meet your truck and machine wear and protection requirements.  Strips, pads and sheets of conveyor belt can be used on Commercial Trucks and Machines for a multitude of uses including :

Conveyor Belt can be made with multiple layers of fabric and strong abrasion resistant top and bottom covers.  Optional features such as surface texture, heat resistance, oil resistance and low friction surface can improve specific product use.  Thicknesses from 1/16″ – 1″ Thk and countless custom width and length configurations are available.  See below for some of our most popular selections including Snow Plow Deflector Pads and more.


Snow Plow Deflector Flaps can be made from 2ply Heavy Duty Reinforced Rubber Conveyor Belt Material.  These snowplow flaps are often used on the top of snowplow plow blades to help deflect snow down and away from the windshield area.  3/8 Thk x 12 FT x 12″ Wide
Snow Plow Strip
 is a common stock size but can also come in nearly any custom lengths and width. Our reinforced conveyor belt material offers excellent abrasion, tear and weather resistance. Useful for plows and a variety of truck and machine flaps, guards and skirting.

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Conveyor Belt Strips, Pads and Sheets

3/8″ Thk 2-PLY
12″ Wide x 12 FT
Plow Flap

3/8″ Thk 2-PLY
12″ W x 12″ L
Square Pad

1/8″ Thk 2-PLY
12″ W x 12″ L
Square Pad

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Belt Flaps, Strips, Pads, Sheets

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