Reinforced Conveyor Belt Deflectors, Pads and Sheets

Conveyor belt material can be more than belting as it is a versatile solution for numerous applications including snow plow flaps, defectors, surface protection and more across various industries. Its ability to be customized into strips, sheets, or pads makes it adaptable for a wide range of needs. Rubber, pvc and urethane conveyor belt material can serves as belting, flaps, deflectors, skirting, liners, supports, leveling elements, bumpers, wear protection and more.  It’s strong cover and layered reinforcement provide exceptional strength and durability and resistance to weather, abrasion, tearing and squeeze.

Reinforced belting can be cut into strips, pads and sheets for a multitude of uses including liners, wear protection, leveling and mounts.  Available in pvc, urethane or rubber conveyor belt with layers of fabric, durable covers,  heat, oil and weather resistance.

Snow Plow Deflector Flaps can be made from 2ply Heavy Duty Reinforced Rubber Conveyor Belt Material.  These snowplow flaps are often used on the top of snowplow plow blades to help deflect snow down and away from the windshield area. 

Reinforced Conveyor Belt can be converted into many parts to meet your truck and machine wear and protection requirements.  Mud flaps, skirting, diverters and deflectors can be made for a variety of applications on commercial trucks and machines.

Effective ground and surface protection for heavy items such as garbage dumpsters, industrial machines,  event displays  and other heavy equipment. They can also provide cushion, absorb impact, vibration, and noise while keeping things in place.

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Deflect Snow Away from Snow Plow Windshield with Snowplow Deflector Strips

Snow plow blade deflectors, also known as snow deflectors or snow shields, are strips designed to prevent snow, ice, and other debris from being thrown onto the windshield of a snow plow during operations.

Deflector Strips

snow plow flaps
Snoplow Deflector Strips
3/8 Thk x 12″ Wide
Deflect Snow from Windshield

Conveyor Belt Material Strips

Reinforced Rubber Conveyor Belt Flaps, Sheets, Belts, Deflectors, Mud Flaps, Mounts, Wear Parts