Gravity Conveyor Rollers

Gravity conveyors are a cost-effective means of conveying boxes, totes, bulky items and other light to heavy duty items.  They can be utilized as permanent or temporary conveyor lines and systems.  Versatile for uses in warehouses, shipping, receiving, assembly and distribution. Gravity curve sections, spurs and stops are additional options which can complete your gravity conveyor system.  Gravity roller conveyor can be made of steel or aluminum and can support many heavy loads.   They are available in numerous widths and lengths. Roller centers are typically 3″- 6″ between rollers and roller diameters 1.5″-3.5″. Leg supports are also available with adjustable heights and angles to help keep your product free flowing. Check out these gravity conveyor rollers and see below for more options.

Gravity Conveyor Rollers Options


Straight Rollers available in numerous widths and lengths.  Versatile, low cost and effective for conveying boxes, totes and bulky items without powers

Adaptable connections for redirecting and routing your product.


Gravity conveyor roller curves can be added to most straight sections.  Curved roller conveyers allow you to configure and direct your product around turns.  Shown here are 90 degree roller curves. 


Roller conveyor floor supports are available to secure your roller conveyor installation.  Height and angle are adjustable to fine tune gravity flow and product speed.  Various widths and sizes are available.

Gravity Conveyor Rollers as part of your overall conveyor system.  Additional curve angles, stoppers, ball tables and more to complete your gravity roller system.