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Conveyor Belt Overview

Conveyor belts are part of a conveyor system designed for efficient material handling.  Standard conveyors use a system of motorized rotating pulleys to move a conveyor belt on a continuous path.  A variety of conveyor belt styles are available to convey countless types of aggregate, materials and products.  These conveyor systems provide an efficient and automated process which can save time, effort and cost.

Conveyor Belt Types

Two main types of Belt Conveyors are Slider Bed Conveyors and Roller Bed Conveyors.  Both convey and transport material similarly along a belt. One difference is the support underneath the belt.  Slider belt conveyors are typically supported by some type of metal sheet  This allows for smooth transport but can create friction requiring more power and resulting in wear. A roller bed conveyor utilizes a series of rollers underneath the belt which creates less friction and requires less energy and drivers.

Additional types of conveyors include flat belt conveyors, live roller conveyors, modular conveyors, incline conveyors, cleated conveyors and non-motorized gravity roller conveyors.

Belt Conveyor Applications

Common conveyor belt tasks include packing, sorting, assembling, inspecting, transporting, dispensing and loading. Commonly conveyed products and industry usage includes postal, airport baggage handling, grocery checkout, small parts, packages, food, meat, chicken, fruits, vegetables, bottling, bakery, agriculture, farming, wood, waste, recycling, paper, sand, gravel, rock and other aggregates.

Belt Conveyor Connections

Numerous lacing and splice options are available to connect and make belts endless. Cleats of various styles and sidewalls can be molded or added to carry and separate product conveying. Belt conveyor systems can lead to increased productivity, labor and cost savings and greater efficiency.  Add the ability to move large or heavy quantities of product reliably makes a belt conveyor system a necessity in so many industries.

Product Options
Pictured below are some of the many common conveyor belt materials.  For additional specifications, styles and ordering information see our page on Conveyor Belt Types.
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