Conveyor Belt Lacing Options

Conveyor belts often need to be cut and spliced together to form an endless loop.  This allows belts to be installed around pulleys and conveyor systems to move product. The two main splicing options are mechanical belt fasteners and vulcanized belt ends. Mechanical fasteners involve lacing ends with metal hinges, plates and sometimes pins.  Vulcanized ends use chemicals or a heat vulcanization process. Installation requirements can range from a simple mallet to heavy duty tooling depending on the type of lacing chosen.

Mechanical Belt Fasteners

Mechanical Belt Fasteners use staples, solid plates or hinged plates to connect two ends of a belt. Staple type lacing is often hammered into the belts and joined with a pin. Hinged plate type lacing typically is installed with staples, bolts or rivets.  A steel pin is then inserted to connect the ends which allows for easy installation. Solid Plate Lacing uses steel plates which are bolted or riveted across the belt ends to create a permanent joint and no pin is used. Plate Lacing is often used in heavy duty applications and can be more difficult to install.  Both hinge and plate lacing installation require some form of tooling depending on style. Overall, mechanical fastener conveyor belt lacing can combine durability with easier installation and lower cost.

Vulcanized Endless Spliced

Vulcanized Endless Spliced Belts use chemicals or a heat vulcanization process to join belt ends. This can provide higher strength and a smoother belt with no fasteners. Various styles include lap splicing and finger splicing.  Vulcanizing, especially on heavy duty conveyor belts, is a more involved process. It requires more extensive skills, equipment, tools and know how.

Additional Lacing Options

Various mechanical or vulcanized lacing options can also be recessed, covered and hidden.  Additional types of lacing include plastic rivets, where metal can not be used, and sewn, stitched or screwed connections. Shown below are many of our popular styles. Be sure to also check out our complete line of conveyor belts and lines of conveyor belt cleats, buckets, sidewalls and other profiles.

Lacing Options

Pictured below are some of the many common conveyor belt lacing types.  For additional specifications, styles and ordering information see our page on Conveyor Belt Lacing.

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